Meet the Team

Michelle Reitzner, MAPP
Positive Change Strategist

Michelle is one of the first 300 people worldwide, and one of two in Wisconsin, to receive a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a positive change strategist and works alongside change-agents within organizations to cultivate leadership, resilience, engagement and wellbeing. She is passionate about effecting positive change in the workplace because a thriving workforce is the cornerstone of flourishing families and communities.

As a former Captain in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, Michelle was at the forefront of the Army's initiative to increase resilience and enhance the performance of Soldiers and their family members. She launched this program statewide and has since trained thousands in resilience and positive psychology tools. She saw firsthand the transformational impact this training had at the individual level and the ripple effect created throughout the organization. It is her mission to create that ripple effect in your workplace.


Daysi Casillas
Director of Sales and Marketing

Daysi holds a degree in Business Management and Marketing. She is passionate about positive change in the workforce and using positive change strategies in her personal and professional life. She is currently serving in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and understands the importance of positive leadership in an organization. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking and spending time with her dog. She is excited to work with you!


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