Thriving Workforce Blueprint

Increase your organization's performance trajectory with this synergistic and revolutionary approach to developing your human capital. Strategically aligning these four elements within your corporate strategy will increase retention, productivity and your bottom line.



Positive leaders are strengths-focused versus deficit-based. They find and amplify what is working in the individuals they lead and in their company. They are meaning-centric and strive to create and elevate a shared purpose. They maintain high quality and energizing relationships and a high level of integrity and compassion.




Engaged employees are the result of optimal work conditions. They find their work meaningful, are committed to and highly productive in their job, are committed to the goals, values and mission of the organization and are motivated to contribute to the organization's success.




Wellbeing, much like weather, is a robust condition that can be broken down into individual parts - like positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, achievement, physical health, community and self-acceptance. Employees that are high in wellbeing are supported to engage in their unique pathway to wellbeing and score highly in both subjective and objective measures.




Organizations that tip the scale in favor of resilience demonstrate optimism, decisiveness, integrity, open communication and act as a conduit for the flow of information. Resilient individuals have the ability to bounce back from and thrive through adversity, whether it be incremental change or sudden disruptions.



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