We are dedicated to delivering transformational and hands-on training to support your human capital goals. Our goal is to customize cutting edge and research-based training to meet the unique values and goals of your organization. Training can be customized to meet time, personnel and budget parameters. The following are some popular topics.

Build Leadership Capacity & Coaching Skills

  • Develop a Heliotropic Leadership Brand
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Myers-Briggs & Communication
  • Levels of Listening & Powerful Questions
  • Energy Management & Presence
  • Choose Creativity over Reactivity
  • Increase Impact with Emotional Intelligence

Develop a Peak Performance Environment

  • Align Peak Performance Indicators
  • Navigate Difficult Conversations
  • Set Expectations & Deliver Effective and Timely Feedback
  • Create Powerful & Motivating Performance Reviews
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Sustainable Team Building

Create Meaning & A Culture of Wellbeing at Work

  • Align Goals, Values & Mission within the Organization
  • Craft Tasks & Relationships to Align with your Strengths & Passion
  • Integrate Wellbeing Principles to Complement Wellness Initiatives
  • Support & Engage Unique Pathways to Wellbeing

Cultivate a Resilient Workforce

  • Develop Grit in Goal Achievement
  • Inspire Confidence & Creativity to Overcome Obstacles
  • Bounce Back & Thrive Through Adverstiy
  • Develop Optimistic Thinking to Push Past Limitations
  • Mindset Microshifts for Peak Performance



Consulting Partnerships are designed to provide customized and evidence-based solutions to your biggest human capital challenges.

​ ​

  1. Identify goals, develop success metrics and conduct a metrics driven human capital analysis.
  2. Create a custom-tailored, efficient and strategic Thriving Workforce Blueprint that leverages existing strengths and processes to create a peak performance environment.
  3. Apply evidence-based and collaborative solutions through individual and group coaching and workshops. Engagement concludes with a metrics driven human capital analysis to ensure results.



Leadership and executive coaching packages are designed to quickly effect positive change.

  • Propel your goals forward
  • Generate measurable outcomes
  • Facilitate learning and clarity
  • Create sustainable change

​ ​
Discover: Identify goals and success metrics.
Design: Propel your goals forward through application of evidence-based and collaborative solutions.
Deploy: Focus on integration for sustainable change.


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